10 free guided meditations for pregnancy

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A few weeks ago I started meditating again.  I realized I was getting way too anxious about this pregnancy and whether or not it would work out, and I needed a tool to help.  When I’m not pregnant and nauseous, I would turn to some sort of exercise.  But I also at times have meditated and for my personality that can fall into a pit of worry deeper than I would like, meditation is great.  With my newer less-active self, this is just what I needed to deal with anxiety in pregnancy.  I put together some free online meditations that I found and several of these I have been using regularly.  One of my favorite websites for guided audio meditations is Meditation Oasis.  It  gives you a small description of each meditation as well as the length of time of the meditation, and the meditations are very well guided.

I organized the ten meditations I chose by trimester.  Some naturally fell into a particular trimester (such as meditation for morning sickness), while others would fit well into any trimester.  Others are not pregnancy-specific and are great for any time.

First trimester

Let it be – by Meditation Oasis

Meditation for morning sickness – by Bexlife

Meditation for a restful night’s sleep – by Deepak Chopra

10 Minute meditation to ease anxiety, worry, and urgency – by Positive Magazine

Letting go of an obsessive thought – by Fragrant Heart

Second trimester

Pregnancy meditation – Connecting with your baby – by Meditation Oasis

Guided visualization during pregnancy – by Fragrant Heart

Third trimester

Trust guided meditation – by Meditation Oasis

Mindfulness meditation for pain relief – by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Guided visualization for when you’re feeling overwhelmed – by Fragrant Heart

Here are some more resources that can help with anxiety in pregnancy:


4 thoughts on “10 free guided meditations for pregnancy

  1. Thank you for posting these! I have been needing to meditate and now you’ve made it a lot easier for me to do that. When I try on my own my mind tends to wonder 🙂 I hope you are doing well!


    • I’m the same! I like trying to meditate on my own as well as guided, but during this pregnancy there are even more thoughts swirling around in there! Right now I like the structure of following a voice, it helps focus me a little more.


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